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Anna Christina Eloff was born on 21-02-1925. She died on 01-01-1928. She was buried in Elliot Cemetery, Elliot, Eastern Cape, RSA.

Johanna Petronella Eloff was born on 07-02-1899. She died on 07-08-1968. She was buried in Elliot Cemetery, Elliot, Eastern Cape, RSA.

Rubina Elizabeth Eloff was born on 13-07-1934. She died on 10-06-1945. She was buried in Elliot Cemetery, Elliot, Eastern Cape, RSA.

Cecilia Johanna Eloff died in 1837.

Stephen Eloff died in 1912.






Frederik Christoffel Eloff was born on 20-12-1970. He died on 30-12-1970. He was buried in Elandskraal, Mooinooi, District Rustenburg, North West, RSA.

J.J. Eloff was born on 19-10-1963. J.J. died on 19-04-2000. J.J. was buried in Ventersburg Municipal Cemetery, Row U.

Jeanne Martha NN was born in 1627 in Cabrières-D'aigues, Provence-Alpes-Côte D'azur, France. She died about 1688.

S.J. Eloff died on 10-10-1918. The cause of death was Krygsdiens. He was buried in Maitland, Cape Town.

Martina F Eloff was born on 07-01-1964. She died on 01-08-1964. She was buried in Upington.

Marissa Eloff was born on 18-04-1980. She died on 08-09-1984. She was buried in Alberton, Florentia.

Philippus Johannes Eloff was born on 05-08-1936. He died on 24-09-1965. He was buried in Kempton Park, Zuurfontein.


D.J. Eloff was born on 17-08-1916. D.J. died on 16-06-1981. D.J. was buried in Kempton Park.

Francois Philippus Eloff was born on 26-02-1943. He died in 1963. He was buried in Virginia, Vrystaat.

Frank William Eloff "Frans" was born on 29-12-1961. He died on 22-12-1990. He was buried in Namibia, Windhoek, Pioneerspark.

Hannes Eloff was born on 30-09-1964. He died on 07-01-1992. He was buried in Roodepoort.

J.H. Eloff died on 24-10-1918. He was buried in Voortrekkerhoogte, Old Military Cemetery.

Johanna Jacoba Eloff was buried in Burgersdorp, Old Cemetery.

Johannes Marthinus Zacharias Eloff was born on 28-06-1934. He died on 04-10-1974. He was buried in Vryheid, Natal.

Matthews Hendricus Human Eloff was born on 24-05-1973. He died on 24-05-1973. He was buried in Vryheid, Natal.

Jeremia Jesaja Eloff "Mias" was born on 14-08-1937. He died on 14-02-1994. He was buried in Vanderbijlpark, Nanescol, Noordvaal cemetery.

Paul Eloff was born on 05-04-1960. He died on 08-02-1980. He was buried in Musina, New cemetery.


Thomas Andries Eloff was born on 26-09-1968. He died on 28-05-1977. He was buried in Ladysmith, Natal.

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