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Richard Shaw.

He had the following children:

  M i Grove Shaw

Thomas Langston was born in 1811. He died in 1890. He married Mathilda Cooke on 12-05-1837.

Mathilda Cooke was born in 1819. She died in 1891. She married Thomas Langston on 12-05-1837.

They had the following children:

  F i Lydia Anne Langston

Living [Parents]


They had the following children:

  M i Living

Gustave Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 24-04-1888 in Worcester. He died on 22-12-1973. He was buried in Strand. He married Barendina Maria Human on 30-06-1921.

Barendina Maria Human was born on 28-12-1896. She died on 01-06-1980. She was buried in Strand. She married Gustave Lindenberg on 30-06-1921.

They had the following children:

  F i Valerea Lindenberg
  M ii Gustav Frederick Lindenberg
  F iii Brenda Lindenberg

Frederick Lodewijk Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 15-01-1846 in Worcester. He died on 14-02-1917. He was buried in Franschhoek. He married Martha Cornelia Hablutzel on 31-05-1870 in Worcester.

Martha Cornelia Hablutzel [Parents] was born on 26-06-1852. She was christened on 08-08-1852 in Swellendam. She died on 11-08-1926. She was buried in Brixton, Johannesburg. She married Frederick Lodewijk Lindenberg on 31-05-1870 in Worcester.

They had the following children:

  F i Sara Johanna Lindenberg was born on 24-03-1871. She died about 1871 in Kaapstad.
  M ii Frederick Lucas Lindenberg was born on 29-12-1872. He died about 1958.
  M iii Coenraad Lindenberg was born on 24-06-1874. He died on 10-10-1874. He was buried in Worcester, NG Kerk.
  M iv Johan Heinrich Lindenberg was born on 10-06-1876. He died on 10-11-1931 in Marquard.
  M v Loedolf Ferdinand Lindenberg
  F vi Martha Cornelia Lindenberg was born on 14-07-1879.
  F vii Helena Lindenberg was born on 12-08-1881. She died in Queenstown.
  M viii Jacob Heinrich Lindenberg was born on 20-01-1883. He died on 25-07-1962 in Johannesburg.
  M ix Michiel Kuys Lindenberg was born on 28-10-1884. He died on 01-05-1909 in Johannesburg.
  M x Theodore Lindenberg was born on 21-07-1886. He died on 02-08-1946.
  M xi Gustave Lindenberg
  M xii Heinrich Lindenberg

Frederik Lucas Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 23-10-1798 in Stellenbosch. He was christened on 28-10-1798. He died on 09-06-1862 in Worcester. He was buried in NG Moederkerk. He married Martha Louisa Wilhelmina Swanevelder on 07-10-1820.

Martha Louisa Wilhelmina Swanevelder was born on 25-04-1804. She died on 07-11-1867. She married Frederik Lucas Lindenberg on 07-10-1820.

They had the following children:

  M i Johan Gebhard Lindenberg was born on 06-08-1821. He died on 16-11-1822.
  M ii Kind Lindenberg was born about 1822/1823. He died as a infant.
  M iii Jan Jacob Cornelis Lindenberg
  M iv Fredrick Lucas Stokbroo Lindenberg was born on 30-04-1826. He died on 06-02-1836.
  F v Maria Elizabeth Olofina Lindenberg
  M vi Gabriel Gideon Francois Lindenberg was born on 20-12-1830. He died on 13-02-1836.
  M vii Carel Pieter Hendrik Lindenberg was born on 06-06-1833. He died on 17-02-1851 in Worcester. The cause of death was Verdrink in Breërivier. He was buried in Worcester, NG Moederkerk.
  M viii Johan Gebhard Lindenberg was born on 20-07-1835. He died on 20-08-1835.
  F ix Anna Wilhelmina Lindenberg
  M x Lindenberg died as a infant.
  M xi Frederick Lodewijk Lindenberg
  F xii Kind Lindenberg died as a infant.

Johann Gebhard Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 13-03-1760 in Gommern, Sachsen, Duitsland. He died on 29-06-1822 in Stellenbosch. He was buried in NG Moederkerk, Stellenbosch. He married Catharina Johanna Hauptfleisch on 06-03-1796.

Other marriages:
Vermeulen, Rachel

Catharina Johanna Hauptfleisch [Parents] was christened on 01-10-1775. She died on 20-02-1813. She married Johann Gebhard Lindenberg on 06-03-1796.

They had the following children:

  M i Johan Godfried Gabriel Lindenberg
  M ii Frederik Lucas Lindenberg
  M iii Gabriel Andreas Gerhardus Lindenberg was christened on 02-10-1800. He died on 04-01-1802.
  F iv Catharina Johanna Engela Lindenberg was born on 05-06-1802. She was christened on 13-06-1802. She died on 25-03-1807.
  M v Gabriel Gideon Lindenberg
  F vi Sophia Maria Wilhelmina Lindenberg
  F vii Kind Lindenberg.
  M viii Jacobus Richard Lindenberg was born on 24-02-1807. He was christened on 15-03-1807. He died on 23-02-1809.
  M ix Carel Pieter Lindenberg
  F x Kind Lindenberg.

Casper Friedrich Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 21-06-1718. He died on 10-12-1777 in Altenplatho. He married Regina Sophia Rörich.

Regina Sophia Rörich.Regina married Casper Friedrich Lindenberg.

They had the following children:

  M i Johann Gebhard Lindenberg

Christian Heinrich Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 25-07-1675. He died in 1742 in Wollin.

He had the following children:

  M i Casper Friedrich Lindenberg

Johannes Lindenberg [Parents] was born on 13-10-1645 in Havelberg. He died in 1687 in Brandenburg. He married Dorethea Elisabeth Hasen on 11-09-1673.

Dorethea Elisabeth Hasen.Dorethea married Johannes Lindenberg on 11-09-1673.

They had the following children:

  F i Maria Elisabeth Lindenberg died as a infant.
  M ii Christian Heinrich Lindenberg

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