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Jan Jacobus Roux [Parents] was christened on 08-03-1817 in Stellenbosch. He died on 23-03-1908 in Stellenbosch. He married Magdalena Christina Neethling.

Magdalena Christina Neethling [Parents] was christened on 16-02-1834. She married Jan Jacobus Roux.

They had the following children:

  F i Maria Elizabeth Francina Roux
  M ii Living
  F iii Johanna Elizabeth Roux
  F iv Magdalena Christina Catharina Roux
  F v Anna Catharina Carolina Roux
  F vi Elisabeth Susanna Petronella Roux
  F vii Living

Albert Josua Zinn.Albert married Maria Elizabeth Francina Roux.

Maria Elizabeth Francina Roux [Parents] was born on 25-08-1857 in "Moddergat", dist. Stellenbosch. She married Albert Josua Zinn.

Cassie Jooste.Cassie married Elisabeth Susanna Petronella Roux.

Elisabeth Susanna Petronella Roux [Parents] was born on 21-02-1873 in "Moddergat", dist. Stellenbosch. She married Cassie Jooste.

Nicolaas Jacobus de Kock was born on 08-10-1856 in Wellington. He died on 25-03-1941 in Stellenbosch. He married Johanna Elizabeth Roux in 05-1887 in Stellenbosch.

Johanna Elizabeth Roux [Parents] was born on 26-11-1858 in "Moddergat", dist. Stellenbosch. She died on 12-05-1944 in Stellenbosch. She married Nicolaas Jacobus de Kock in 05-1887 in Stellenbosch.

Francois Jacobus Roos.Francois married Magdalena Christina Catharina Roux.

Magdalena Christina Catharina Roux [Parents] was born on 10-07-1862 in "Moddergat", dist. Stellenbosch. She died in Somerset-Wes. She was buried in Stellenbosch. She married Francois Jacobus Roos.


Living [Parents]

Isaac Cornelis Brasler de Villiers was born on 21-06-1861 in Noordhoek. He was christened on 11-08-1861 in Simonstad. He died on 19-07-1928. He married Anna Catharina Carolina Roux on 24-06-1889 in Vishoek.

Anna Catharina Carolina Roux [Parents] was born on 12-05-1871 in Helderberg. She died on 09-05-1968 in Strand. She was buried in Ou Begraafplaas, Strand. She married Isaac Cornelis Brasler de Villiers on 24-06-1889 in Vishoek.

Other marriages:
de Kock, Hermanus Johannes

Fancois du Toit was born in 1744 in Drakenstein. He was christened on 23-08-1744 in Drakenstein. He died on 20-09-1824 in Paarl. He married Maria Retief on 31-05-1767 in Drakenstein.

Maria Retief [Parents] was born about 1746. She was christened on 19-05-1748 in Paarl. She died on 16-04-1813 in Paarl. She married Fancois du Toit on 31-05-1767 in Drakenstein.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Deborah du Toit

Francois Retief was born on 17-04-1708. He was christened on 25-07-1708. He died in 1789. He married Anna Marais on 03-12-1741.

Anna Marais was born in 1722. She was christened on 31-05-1722. She died on 24-04-1774. She married Francois Retief on 03-12-1741.

They had the following children:

  F i Maria Retief

Heinrich Wilhelm Felling [Parents] was born in 1883 in Kaapstad. He died in 1965 in Pretoria. He married Eugenie Knobel in Johannesburg.

Eugenie Knobel.Eugenie married Heinrich Wilhelm Felling in Johannesburg.

They had the following children:

  F i Living
  F ii Eugenie Felling died in Natal.

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