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Willem Botha [Parents] was christened on 02-11-1687. He died on 04-01-1728. He married Catharina Pyl on 14-07-1709 in Kaapstad.

Catharina Pyl [Parents] was christened on 16-11-1692. She married Willem Botha on 14-07-1709 in Kaapstad.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Botha
  F ii Martha Elizabeth Botha
  M iii Wilhelm Botha

Michiel Otto [Parents] was christened on 21-02-1723. He married Johanna Christina Piek on 07-10-1742.

Other marriages:
Mulder, Elizabeth Cornelia

Johanna Christina Piek [Parents] was born in 1725. She was christened on 25-03-1725. She married Michiel Otto on 07-10-1742.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Maria Otto

Michiel Otto was born on 27-08-1688 in Stettin, Pruise. He died in 1743 in Somerset-Wes. He married Barbara Contermann on 19-11-1719.

Other marriages:
Siek, Anna Margaretha

Barbara Contermann [Parents] was christened on 19-03-1702. She married Michiel Otto on 19-11-1719.

Hermanus Pieterse.Hermanus married Anna Catharina Slier on 05-04-1807 in Tulbagh.

Anna Catharina Slier [Parents] was christened on 14-10-1787. She married Hermanus Pieterse on 05-04-1807 in Tulbagh.

Other marriages:
Mountjoy, James
Fourie, Jonathan

Johann Casper Piek was christened on 08-09-1686. He married Margaretha Hartogh on 15-04-1717.

Margaretha Hartogh.Margaretha married Johann Casper Piek on 15-04-1717.

They had the following children:

  F i Johanna Christina Piek

Petrus Hermanus Maree Otto was born on 04-10-1838. He was christened on 24-11-1838 in Caledon. He died in 07-1902 in Kimberley. He married Sara Susanna Fick.

Sara Susanna Fick was born in 1855 in Caledon. She died on 16-03-1903 in Kimberley. She married Petrus Hermanus Maree Otto.

They had the following children:

  M i Michiel Daniel Otto

Jacobus Christoffel de Witte Overbeek was born on 17-02-1806. He was christened on 23-02-1806. He died on 17-03-1890. He married Hermina Geertruyda de Haan on 17-05-1830 in Kaapstad.

Hermina Geertruyda de Haan was born on 02-07-1811. She was christened on 14-07-1811 in Kaapstad. She died on 30-03-1883. She married Jacobus Christoffel de Witte Overbeek on 17-05-1830 in Kaapstad.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherina Buykes Overbeek

Gerhardus Daniel Painter [Parents] was born on 10-05-1892 in "Hoeko", dist. Ladismith. He was christened on 02-10-1892 in Riversdale. He died on 24-09-1978 in Transvaal. He married Elizabeth Gertruida Janse van Rensburg.

Elizabeth Gertruida Janse van Rensburg.Elizabeth married Gerhardus Daniel Painter.

They had the following children:

  M i Living

Quinton Baily Painter was born on 17-08-1845 in "Seven Fountains", dist. Grahamstad. He was christened on 28-09-1845 in Salem, Meth.Churct. He died on 02-10-1894 in Weltevreden, Ladismith. He married Gerbrechta Elizabeth Saayman on 03-08-1868 in Ladismith.

Gerbrechta Elizabeth Saayman was born on 01-10-1850 in Riversdale. She was christened on 09-02-1851 in Riversdale. She died on 15-03-1942 in Ladismith. She married Quinton Baily Painter on 03-08-1868 in Ladismith.

They had the following children:

  M i Gerhardus Daniel Painter

Christoffel Hermanus Engelbertus Paulsen was born on 17-06-1823. He was christened on 20-07-1823 in Swellendam. He married Rosa Hermina Geertruyda van Zyl on 10-07-1843 in Swellendam.

Rosa Hermina Geertruyda van Zyl was born on 01-10-1825. She was christened on 26-12-1825 in Swellendam. She married Christoffel Hermanus Engelbertus Paulsen on 10-07-1843 in Swellendam.

They had the following children:

  F i Christina Johanna Paulsen

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