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Coenraad Striegel.Coenraad married Maria van Wyk.

Maria van Wyk.Maria married Coenraad Striegel.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Christina Striegel

Roelof Coertze.Roelof married Catharina Knoetze on 25-03-1731 in Kaapstad.

Catharina Knoetze [Parents] was christened on 12-07-1704 in Paarl. She married Roelof Coertze on 25-03-1731 in Kaapstad.

They had the following children:

  M i Roelof Coertze

Nicolaas Tjaart Coetzee was born on 02-10-1823 in Colesberg. He was christened on 05-01-1824 in Cradock. He died on 08-01-1870 in "Kraaifontein", dist. Albert. He married Johanna Margaretha Kruger on 04-10-1841 in Colesberg.

Other marriages:
Kruger, Johanna Lasya Charlotte

Johanna Margaretha Kruger was born on 02-10-1827 in "Winnaarsbaken", dist. Graaff-Reinet. She was christened on 21-10-1827 in Colesberg, NGK. She died on 05-04-1858 in "Waschbank", dist. Ventersdorp. She married Nicolaas Tjaart Coetzee on 04-10-1841 in Colesberg.

Stephanus Willem Coetzee [Parents] was born in 1861 in Middelburg. He died on 10-05-1936 in Louis Trichardt. He married Magdalena Geertruida Willemina Hugo.

Other marriages:
Eloff, Wilhelmina Petronella Christina

Magdalena Geertruida Willemina Hugo.Magdalena married Stephanus Willem Coetzee.

Hendrik Bernardus Coetzee [Parents] was born on 29-05-1885. He was christened on 10-11-1885 in Barkly-Oos, GK. He married Hendrina Johanna Erasmus.

Hendrina Johanna Erasmus.Hendrina married Hendrik Bernardus Coetzee.

They had the following children:

  F i Hendrina Johanna Coetzee

Petrus Jacobus Coetzee [Parents] was born on 15-12-1858. He was christened on 19-06-1859 in Burgersdorp, GK. He married Maria Elizabeth Dorothea Albertse on 24-05-1876 in Lady Grey.

Maria Elizabeth Dorothea Albertse was born in 1859 in Dist. Albert. She died on 30-07-1895 in Vogelfontein. She married Petrus Jacobus Coetzee on 24-05-1876 in Lady Grey.

They had the following children:

  M i Hendrik Bernardus Coetzee

Joseph Adriaan Coetzee was born on 18-05-1833 in Dist. Burgersdorp. He was christened on 26-12-1833 in Cradock. He died on 21-01-1875. He married Anna Sophia Maria Venter.

Anna Sophia Maria Venter [Parents] was born on 28-01-1833 in Dist. Middelburg. She died on 26-05-1908 in Dist. Middelburg. She married Joseph Adriaan Coetzee.

They had the following children:

  M i Petrus Jacobus Coetzee

Gabriel Venter.Gabriel married Francina Susanna Johanna Venter.

Francina Susanna Johanna Venter.Francina married Gabriel Venter.

They had the following children:

  F i Anna Sophia Maria Venter

Jan Frederik Combrink [Parents] was christened on 30-07-1769 in Paarl. He married Christina Koen on 16-10-1796 in Kaapstad.

Christina Koen was christened on 18-10-1778. She married Jan Frederik Combrink on 16-10-1796 in Kaapstad.

They had the following children:

  M i Jan Frederik Johannes Combrink

Michiel Combrink [Parents] was christened on 08-07-1731 in Kaapstad. He married Dorothea Grobbelaar on 19-11-1752 in Paarl.

Dorothea Grobbelaar [Parents] was christened on 18-04-1728. She married Michiel Combrink on 19-11-1752 in Paarl.

They had the following children:

  M i Jan Frederik Combrink

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